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Case Studies

Find recent KCI published case studies involving various types of wound. View or download the case studies listed below.

Degloving Injury of right thigh from vehicle accident (DSL#11-0443.1) - Dr Sitaram Prasad, Fortis Hospital

Infected, Post - Irradiation Ulcer on Back (DSL#11-0443.2) - Dr. Captain Vishwanath

V.A.C. Therapy for Vascular Graft Infection (Szilagyi Grade III) in the Groin - A ten year Multi Center-Experience (DSL#11-0443.3) - Dr Ramesh Tripati

KCI V.A.C.® TherapyDSL#11-0779 - Dr. Rajiv Parakh

The Power of VAC Theray DSL# 11-0755 - Dr. Sunil Chowdhary

As with any case study, the results and outcomes of this patient should not be interpreted as a promise, representation or warranty of similar results. Results may vary depending on the circumstances.

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